15 thoughts on “Melissa & Jason”

  1. Beautiful Work Jessica, I love the shot of Melissa sitting with the white wooden wall as a background! Congratulations to Melissa and Jason!

  2. Congratulations Melissa & Jason! It’s been fun watching your wedding journey on your blog, and it looks like everything was absolutely perfect. Jess – gorgeous images as always!

  3. Beautiful photos… simply stunning!
    Jessica, you did an AMAZING job!
    Melissa, I love the one of you alone, on the chair, to the side!


  4. Melissa,

    You are so beautiful, every detail is perfect!

    Radiance and happiness can be seen all around you…

    I wish you so much happiness.


  5. Wonderful planning Melissa – I am so thrilled that after watching your journey on your blog that your wedding was exactly as you imagined. Congratulations to a beautiful marriage!

  6. I love this whole set! Amazing! Melissa worked her butt off planning and it shows! Great details and great detail shots…love love love…as always…

  7. Beautiful pictures and what a lovely couple. We wish we were there.
    May you two have a happy and healthy life forever.

  8. Your wedding is absolutely beautiful. Your pictures assured me that the Art Gallery would be a wonderful place to have my reception next year.

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