Angela & Matthew

September 18, 2010 :: Edmonton, Alberta

Angela & Matthew said their wedding vows at the Devonian Gardens and followed with a reception at Characters in Edmonton.  It’s a special thing to be around two people so in love, and a pleasure to photograph such  mutual adoration.  Thank you for having me as your photographer, Angela & Matthew!

19 thoughts on “Angela & Matthew”

  1. I’m ecstatic at how these pictures turned out. The colors and textures are brilliant! Thanks Jessica for spending the day with us and capturing all these happy moments.

  2. These are absolutely stunning! What a gorgeous bride and beautiful wedding! 🙂 Jessica is an amazing photographer!

  3. What a beautiful spread of photos Ange&Matt! You look amazing, and so in love – but I must say, “little girl holding bouquet of flowers in sunshine” steals the show for sure!

  4. The photographs of Matthew and Angela’s wedding are absolutely stunning…you’ve captured each subtle, sublime moment with perfect clarity!!

  5. That one picture of Angela and Matthew holding hands with the rice paper screen backdrop behind the two of you is my FAVOURITE picture!!

  6. These are brilliant photos, truly artistic and creative and the light is amazing. The beauty and love of Angela and Matthew shows so well. I hope we’ll be able to see more.

  7. Congratulations you guys, it looks like it was a perfect day for a perfect couple! Ang, you look so beautiful, I absolutely love your hair and your dress is so gorgeous. And kudos to the photographer – what amazing photos. Oh and the flowers… Orange!!!! I love it!!! XOXOXOXOX

  8. So beautiful are the pictures that perfectly captured the moments in love, wedding ceremonies, and reception. You two make a beautiful couple. Congrats to you both and to Jessica for giving you the wonderful memories of your special day.

  9. What a fabuous collection of pictures, you’ve captured their connection beautifully. I especially love the one with both of them in the car.

  10. Amazing pictures. That garden looks like a photographer’s paradise! Congratulations Angela and Matthew!

  11. Many congrats Angela and Matthew! Beautiful pictures that really seem to capture the day. Love the “overexposed” shots!

  12. These are amazing pictures, so natural, modern, and truely unique. Jessica, you really captured the beautiful couple’s real personalities! Love it!!!!

  13. Angela – I love your photo’s. You GLOW in every single one of them. Your family all look wonderful too. Great shot of your mum at the reception

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