12 thoughts on “Erin & Keith”

  1. Some really nice shots! What a great looking couple! Erin, you’re all grown up! I remember you as a cute girl. Now you’re a full grown beautiful woman! Congrats!

  2. These pictures are so fantastic… they capture the feeling in each moment of a beautiful day!!! Congrats again to Erin and Keith!!! : )

  3. I love these photos! The purple shoes photo and Erin looking directly into the camera photo are my favourites.

  4. Wow! Congrats Erin & Keith! Looks like it was a beautiful day! (Nice shoes Erin, yours style is impeccable!) 🙂

  5. Love teh photo with Keith on the car and erin running through.. So fun!

    Beautiful photos all around.

  6. Loved these wedding pix. Bride looks stunning (loved the purple shoes). Groom looked very handsome! Both seemed to be having a GREAT time!

  7. Beautiful pictures! Erin and Keith you both look great and the pictures really reflect your personalities.

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