5 thoughts on “Athena & Craig”

  1. JESS! These are so so so AWESOME (just as I knew they would be)! Love all of them! Especially the ones of my Dad laughing as we walk down the aisle (because he kept stepping on my dress); my Grampa and I hugging each other so tight and his huge grin; Layne and Beav and their fake fake smiles (hahaha); and seeing exactly why you had to tell Ted to look up as he rushed us! I also love the one of me throwing my head back laughing! It was such an awesome, beautiful day, so it’s unbelievably amazing that you captured so many moments (and so much happiness). Love you heaps! We are FOREVER grateful. xo

  2. Nice pictures. You look like a princess. Your hubby is good looking guy.

    I really appreciate you sharing your pictures with me. It is a nice way to start the day.

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