13 thoughts on “Brooke & Benjamin”

  1. Love them! Especially the outdoor photos, the light is captured perfectly! (thanks for also getting a great snapshot of our son (holding my hands))

    Beautiful! Wish we had you for our wedding!


  2. Beautiful pictures!! You both look amazing!! I like the black and white picture best and the one of grandma. 🙂 @-}–

  3. Awww! These photos capture the essence if the day beautifully yet they remain true to our unique constellation of personalities. The ones of brooke and benj are so relaxed and real and gorgeous. The settings are fabulous too.

  4. I’m loving the socks lol too funny. Amazing angles with the sun. Simply beautiful. Congrats again

  5. Fabulous pictures! The ones on the path are my favourite. You guys all look great! Nice socks boys! 🙂

  6. Loved the photos. They were able to bring us back to the wedding day and all the thoughts and emotions felt at such a special time. Wonderful!

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